Making the right decisions to improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes relies on the accuracy, quality and timeliness of the data you collect. MARS (measurement, analysis and reporting system) is a secure, web-based form builder purpose-built for healthcare data collection.

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The Statewide Quality and Patient Safety Service will be facilitating training by Opus 5K on the Department's clinical audit data collection tool MARS.

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This training will be for generic users and super-users, and will be held via MS Teams.

In this session:

Overview of Key Concepts
> Forms Library
> Entity Hierarchy
> Records
> User Profiles

The MARS Workflow
> Build your Audit Tool
> Schedule your Data Collection
> Collect Data
> Report on your Results

Administration Functions


If you would like to register for this training, or find out more, please contact the MARS team via or phone 6777 4033.