LibKey Nomad User Guide

Connect quickly to full-text articles in Department journals as you do research and come across the literature.


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About LibKey Nomad

How to install LibKey Nomad


About LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a free browser plug-in for Edge, Chrome or Firefox browsers that links you to full-text articles available on the open web or in Department-licensed journals.

Install it on a Department workstation or for offsite use on a personal computer.

The tool indicates on PubMed and scholarly publisher sites whether the Department has access/no access to the full-text and will either connect you to the article or send an item request form to Library Services.

Watch this short video about LibKey Nomad for an overview.

How to install LibKey Nomad

On a Department or personal computer:

  1. Go to the LibKey Nomad Download page
  2. Click Get LibKey Nomad Now
  3. Choose your browser
  4. Click Get or Add
  5. Click Add extension
  6. Search for and select Tasmanian Health Service in Select Organization search box

You're now connected to EPOCH journals and Library Service's item request service.