DynaMed Emergency Medicine

Clinical decision support tool for emergency care

ECI Emergency Procedures

Standardised recommendations for common emergency department procedures

Riyal Children's Hospital's logo for Emergency Nurse Practitioner app

Emergency Nurse Practitioner App

The Royal Children's Hospital practice guide for clinicians working in the paediatric setting

Eye Emergency Manual

Consensus clinical guidelines for the management of eye emergencies

Dental Trauma Guide

Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of traumatic dental injuries


Australian medicines and prescribing information for 4,500+ drugs


Poisons information database

Therapeutic Guidelines

Australian point-of-care medicines tool

Link to Trip Database

TRIP Database

Principal clinician search tool for best evidence

Joanna Briggs EBP Database

Clinical point-of-care resources for all specialties

Cochrane Library

Systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and controlled trials

Link to COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit

COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit

High level summaries and rapid reviews of key studies and emerging evidence

Cochrane Clinical Answers

Actionable, clinically-focused summaries to inform point-of-care decision-making

CINAHL Complete

Nursing and allied health specialties


Core database of biomedical and pharmaceutical research


Nursing and allied health specialties


Surgical and medical specialties search engine


Principal database across all biomedical specialties

PubMed Clinical Queries

Search filter for clinical or disease-specific topics