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Seeking safety and quality research to support best practice in the hospital setting?

Choose a pre-made PubMed search "filter" that targets topics aligned to the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards for an effective, time-saving search.

NSQHS Standards Live Literature Searches are a joint initiative of Health Libraries Australia and Health Libraries Inc.

Learn more about NSQHS Standards Live Literature Searches.

Accessing article PDFs

For full-text access to PubMed results install Department tool LibKey Nomad.

Search Tip

Tried an NSQHS Standards search filter and it returned too many results? Use a Standards search filter in combination with relevant keywords/search terms to narrow your PubMed result set.

Develop a simple search strategy

  1. Identify 2-3 main concepts and related keywords that describe your topic of interest


What published evidence is available on screening and detection of delirium?

  • Concept 1 screening (keyword)
  • Concept 2 delirium (NSQHS Standards search filter)

Choose a Standards search filter

  1. Identify the relevant Standard and topic
  2. Choose a search filter and click to retrieve a PubMed result set

Apply your keyword/search term in PubMed

  1. Click Advanced on the PubMed results page to go to PubMed Advanced Search Builder page
  2. Select Title from drop-down menu
  3. Enter keyword/search term to describe your main concept in first search box
  4. Click ADD to add your keyword/search term in the Query box
  5. If combining more than one concept repeat steps 2-4

Combine keyword/search term with NSQHS Standards search filter

  1. Scroll to History and Search Details panel and click 3 dots (Action) adjacent to relevant NSQHS Standards search filter
  2. Click Add with AND to combine NSQHS Standards search filter with your keyword/search term in the Query box
  3. Click Search

Communicating for safety Standard PubMed search options

Communicating for Safety